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💦 Water Innovation in Chicago

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💦 Water Innovation in Chicago

Chicago's long-standing legacy of water innovation, combined with our direct access to Lake Michigan, has positioned us as a leader in sustainable water management.

Let’s take a look at how we got here:

Chicago’s Water History

  • Arguably the most significant “water move” in the city was the reversal of the Chicago River in the early 1900s to protect its drinking water supply.

  • In 1917, the Chicago Office of Water Resources was established to oversee flood control, water diversion, dam safety, and public water protection.

  • By the mid-20th century, Chicago had developed an extensive system of intercepting sewers and sewage treatment plants, significantly reducing flooding and improving water quality in the city's waterways.

Advanced Water Purification Systems

  • Chicago's new water purification plants feature transparent pipes and advanced filtration systems, ensuring the highest quality of clean water for its residents.

  • These plants utilize cutting-edge technology to reduce energy consumption, making the purification process more sustainable and cost-effective.

  • Integrated systems continuously monitor water quality and operational efficiency, allowing for immediate adjustments to maintain optimal performance.

Current (no pun intended) Innovation

  • Founded in 2016, Current is a water innovation hub advancing water management and sustainability through initiatives like Great Lakes ReNew.

  • Great Lakes ReNew is supported by up to $160 million over 10 years from the U.S. National Science Foundation.

  • This initiative leverages partnerships across six states to drive water innovation and STEM education.

📊 Chart of the Week

Chicago ranks as the second-best US metro for manufacturing, with the largest inventory (226.4 million sq ft) and the second-largest workforce (287,000 jobs).

Supply chain shifts and government initiatives are benefiting Chicago. Despite a 23% leasing decrease, nearly 7 million sq ft were leased in Q1, with 83% of leases for spaces under 75,000 sq ft.

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